Why Do Babies Rub Their Eyes And How To Prevent Them From Doing It?

A baby rubbing its eyes is usually a sign of fatigue and sleep readiness (1). Recent researches have also shown that children could have eye fatigue, which leads to eye rubbing due to excess use of digital devices such as smartphones early on in life

In this post, Baby Mitra will tell you about the probable causes of eye rubbing in babies, preventive measures for the same, and much more.

Why Does Your Baby Rub Eyes?

Besides sleepiness and tiredness, there are other possible reasons why babies rub their eyes.

1.  Baby is curious

Babies tend to get curious when they develop fine motor skills. Among the things they do then is experiment by touching every part of their body to understand how the body will respond (3).

2. Baby is wondered or amazed

When you notice that your baby is not tired and still rubs eyes, it may be due to the incredible visual stimulation they get while doing so. Babies love the feeling of closing their eyes, rubbing them, and repeating it to see all those visual patterns. You might have also noticed that when you close and rub your eyes, you can see patterns and lights in the closed eyelids. It may be the reason your baby rubs eyes often.

Preventive measure: Divert your baby’s attention by showing them something more interesting. As your baby’s attention span is short, they will get distracted easily.

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